A Weekend in London

Blue. Neon blue like the light cascading over my skin from my Stansted-bound coach bus, faded navy like the worn cloth seats of the underground. Purplish blue like the sky ten minutes before it claws itself apart and pours, dove blue like the eyes of strangers. If Dublin is green and Strasbourg is gray, London is shrouded in shades of blue.

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Risk It for the Biscuit (A Linguistic Journey)

People assume that if you go to a country that speaks a different language, you’re going to be immersed in that language and you can’t help but pick it up. However, all of my classes are in English. All of my friends are international students. Only one of those friends took French in high school, and we never use it with one another.Want to know what all of those reasons have in common? They’re all excuses for not engaging and actually trying to learn.

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Feeling at Home in Dublin

It’s funny how you catch remnants of home in places you’ve never been. We arrived in Dublin, Ireland early Friday morning and one of the first things that we noticed was how openly people smiled and laughed. And the sky was a brilliant blue as well, despite the fact that it began to snow.

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Week One in Strasbourg

This was my first week in my new home. We got in on our bus from Paris late Saturday night and walked immediately to our Airbnb. We had planned to take another bus to the Airbnb so that we wouldn’t have to walk through an unknown city at 11pm, but it turns out that we watched the last bus of the night pass by as we were just meters from the bus stop. C’est la vie.

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